Children's Art Organization

I hate piles. I hate clutter. I hate disorganization. Yet, it seems that all of the arts and crafts my kids make at home, Bible class, and pre-school lend themselves to just piling up. A few years ago, I saw a great tip by Martha Stewart (I think), and have been using this "system" ever since.

All that you need is a presentation folder with clear sleeves inside. I decorated the outside with scrapbooking paper.

Then I simply insert the "masterpieces" in each sleeve. My girls regularly ask to look through their books, to admire their work. I have found that this method allows us to enjoy their little creations in an easily accessible way.

The difficult part is paring it all down. This is by no means everything that they have ever created. I would have to devote an entire closet to storing scribbled pieces of paper if I kept everything. Generally, I keep "firsts" (first coloring page, first finger painting, first time to write their name, etc), and then anything else that I have an emotional attachment to. The rest gets displayed on the refrigerator for a few days, and then discreetly "thrown in the bin" (I've been caught in the act of throwing away a coloring page by my 5-year-old, and an emotional break-down ensued; I've learned to be more sly in my de-cluttering efforts).

So far, one binder has gotten me through ages 2-5, and from then on I plan on using one binder per grade. 

Martha Stewart has a few more creative ideas for storing children's art:

Create an art collage, and frame it to hang in the child's room or even a family room.

Roll them up in mailing tubes.

Make a portfolio.

How have you stored your children's art? I would love to know!


Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! I will have to remember that for Katelyn's stuff in the coming years and months! Kim

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thank you for visiting! Love all your tips.

Christy said...

I love this idea!! I need to do that for my niece & nephew's stuff.

Tara said...

You have such great ideas! I'm totally inspired by all these great, inexpensive ways to create beauty & organization. I enjoyed my visit to your blog today!

Oshea said...

Where did you get the presentation folders? I love the idea - and I am definitely going to do it but I can't seem to locate these folder...Thanks for the help.

Jenn said...

I went to the local pizza shop and asked for a clean box for each of my girls. I wrote their name on the front of it and I store all their art inside of it. I plan to go thru it eventually when it gets full. But it holds enough that I can throw everything in it for now and look later. I am sure the box could be painted or covered in some way to make it cuter, I just did not do that.